Over the past ten years since the establishment of PT. Bina Utama Mitra Niaga, we have continued to expand our network while providing high valued-added services that assist our clients in expanding their business.

Since the founding of the firm, we have been striving to provide services that make us a "Real Partner" for our clients.

No matter how difficult the challenge or how long the process, we throughly examine our clients' operations to enable them to achieve their goals, based on our extensive experience and knowledge accumulated through serving clients in every industrial sector.

Then to each client, we deliver the best practices, taking account of the different cultural aspects and business customs of each specific needs.

It is our policy to continue to work closely with each client with a sense of commitment on a long-term basis to ensure that the best practices are integrated into its operations.

We will continue to serve as the one-and-only "Real Partner" for our clients with the aim of assisting such clients pursuing business operations in Indonesia, as well as on a global basis, in delivering increased value.